Friday, September 2, 2011

Story work in progress

A little update on reem's story, i am almost done with the drawings, still got a few more to go but it's getting clear how the book is gonna be, pretty exciting :D

Cant wait till i start coloring, i am picturing some real vivid colors..i may also try to add some textures in a few places, not sure yet but i feel like experimenting on this one

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Night in

Happy Eid everyone!

Just a drawing i've been doing for a while to keep me entertained, it's nothing much really, i just needed something fun to do when i needed a break form work :) i like it's composition though
I added some flowery texture in photoshop later, though it looked nice!

I should seriously get a scanner, my scanner crashed and i've been using a camera istead, which is quite hard and i dont feel the details and feel are well captured.

A little suki love! poor cat is having a soar throat his voice is a bit husky so he's actually sleeping more than usual, never thought than was possible!