Saturday, October 8, 2011

book illustrations in progress

here's what i've been up to so far, it's so fun working on this book though i wish i was less busy with work so i could work on it more consistently, i tried some new techniques in it and i'm pretty pleased with results

reem and her auntie

the cute kitty :3

two pieces i'm still working on, the fun thing is that they have so many details and little objects

i love how colorful all the pieces look together, i admit i am very excited to see the book done! hope the printing will get the colors just right


  1. Looks incredible!! Can't wait to see them published!

  2. you're so talented! :)

  3. wowww !! yara BRILLIANT!! its so colorful !! wel ab3aadd , kul wa7dh '3er 3an el tanyh , i LOVE it!

  4. Wish you all the best you r A grait you work acctually i adore it....thnx alot